New Look at Book of Kells...

Anyone who has read this blog for a while and actually at the blog address ( knows that each year I change banners and backgrounds.

This year, I've done that as well.

I like my new banner, but am not 100% sold on the spotted background.  So I may be working on that.

NOTE:  Since typing that, I've gone back and changed it to a wrinkled white paper, which I feel represents the image of the typewriter better.

Note:  The banner is my Corona Typewriter which I've been photographing all year.

Change has always been hard for me, so as you get used to this new look, I do too.
I think it's good for me.  I need to keep moving forward...

~ Kells

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  1. Awesome Kelli! I actually get your blog posts via email, so I hardly get to see your actual web blog. But I dig the polka dot background. And of course your Corona---a true superstar! :-) Blog on, sistah!

  2. I grok the wrinkled paper in large part because of the association with your typewriter.

    Which reminds me: what books of yours are coming out in 2013?

  3. I Love the banner Kelli--a great image! Nancy P.


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