Confession Wednesday

Dear Reader,

I confess that again I am a day late on confessing.

This has been my life since Thanksgiving... running a little behind and by little, I mean a lot.

To the confessional--

I confess I am almost better.  I have been sick more often this fall than usual.  Not sure why, but it bums me out because I hate being unproductive.  I'm a Capricorn.  We like to work or be doing things that feel important--even if it's cleaning out the guest room closet, we like our tasks.


I confess I bought my cat a bed for my desk and at first thought I wasted $12, but now, she loves it and I wonder how this princess even got by without it.

I confess love animals - cats, dogs, birds, deer, owls, bunnies, foxes, cows--this will be a long list if I continue.  My new favorite animal is the red panda because they look as if they are wearing black onesies.

I'm endangered. Protect me.


I confess I'm very Blanche DuBois as I'm always depending on the kindness of strangers.

Seriously, from the stoner couple eating pizza off of their dashboard who had me roll down my window to tell me my gas cap and cover were hanging off my car to the woman in Macy's who said, "You can be my new friend" so I got the 20% Friends & Family Discount off of the boots I was buying for my mum to give me for Christmas (I know it's odd to be buying my own Christmas stuff, but our family does this kind of stuff).

I also had woman who handed me the cover to my camera, the man who chased after me to give me my car keys I left on a table, the woman who found my wallet.

Either people are really good, or I'm just a mess that needs my own entourage of strangers to help me get through the day.  Honestly, it's probably a little of both.


However, with that confession, I'd like to confess that I do believe there are angels or some sort of otherworldly helpers on this planet.  I know, it sounds cuckoo, but lately I feel as if I've been escorted through the days with a lot of extra help and luck.

And maybe the otherworldly I feel is one soul connecting to another.  Maybe when we are in a place of contentment people are more likely to be able to break through any walls we've put up and connect with something bigger.

I've been so sick this last two weeks, my brain is fog and I have zero walls because they are too hard to build when I'm tired.  Maybe this is why it feels as if everyone I meet smiles at me or is happy or helpful.  Maybe it's because without my angry-eyebrows on people respond differently.

Though honestly, I don't wear angry-eyebrows very much at all, but I can be in my head and not in touch with the world when I travel through it.

Maybe when I see kindness coming at me, maybe it's more of where I am than where they are.

I'm not sure, but I'm thankful.


~ Kells

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