Class for Seattle #Poets-- Generating New Work & Submitting Feb 2, 2013

Susan Rich and I have decided to celebrate Groundhog Day with a poetry writing workshop. 

Generating New Poems and Sending (Other) Poems into the World will be held in Seattle (South Lake Union neighborhood) 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturday, February 2nd.

The idea came to us at an Irish bar in Nye Beach, Oregon. I scribbled the first ideas on the edge of a napkin. Why not help writers launch their poems into the world? Why not link generating new poems to sending out "finished" poems for publication?

We're keeping the group small and hoping that you'll consider joining us. In the last few hours we've already had several people sign up. Maybe there's something about Ground Hog Day that just seems ripe for creativity? I believe so. Here is the information on our workshop and a link to sign up. All levels of poets invited: beginners to advanced writers welcome.

From the Class Description:

Join Susan Rich & Kelli Russell Agodon in a 4 hour class of February 2, 2013 to do writing exercises and spend the last hour discussing submitting your work and answering your questions.

Not only will you discuss submitting your work, but before this class ends, Kelli & Susan will have you send them 3-4 finished poems and they will prepare a submission for you-- including a cover letter, SASE, and choosing the literary journal for you. 

If you want to start the year out right with new poems and some older poems out in the world, please join us for this class.

Limit to: 16 participants  (we currently have 5 people signed up...)

You can sign up on my website or mail us a check.  Just go to:  to sign up via PayPal or learn how to save your place with a check

~ Kells
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  1. This sounds great, Kelli. I would so do it, but I will be away at a writing residency that week. I would probably get more done in just one day with you and Susan at the helm than I will during an entire week at my residency.

    I know this will be a very productive workshop. If you are thinking of signing up, go ahead and do it. You won't be sorry.


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