FULL! New Year's Poetry Resolution Party (Online Poetry Class for Generating New Work)

Thanks everyone!  This New Year's Party is all filled up!  I may offer this again in April since there was so much interest.

A couple poets asked me create a schedule in the new year that would help them generate new work.  So I did.

I asked myself: what would be the best way to begin 2012 writing poems?  I came up with a 5-day schedule where I would email them a poetry writing prompt each day and they would write a poem to email back to me, which I would then respond to.

Because they asked, I wondered if others were interested too, so I decided to offer this 5-day online class to 5 (maybe 6) other writers who may be interested in starting off 2012 writing a poem a day.

Here are the details--

An online event to generate 5 new poems in the new year.

Starting January 2nd at 12:01 am, I will send a writing exercise to your email inbox.  You have that full day to write a new poem and email it back to me.  When I receive your poem, I will offer ideas for revision, any edits (grammatical or otherwise), and other comments.

On January 3rd, we will do this again, and again on January 4th and continue to do this until Friday when you will have spent the first week of 2012 beginning new poems.

Monday, January 2nd - Friday January 7th, 2012

The first 5 poets who sign up.  I would love offer this to everyone, but I want to make sure I have enough time to respond thoughtfully to each of you.

Sliding Scale Fee:  $85 - $125 for the week
(you decide what price feels right to your situation)

Note: if you pay by check, you can send any amount between $85-$125 that you feel comfortable with.  If you pay by PayPal, the price is in $5 increments beginning at $85

WHAT does this include:
  • 5 exercises sent to your email inbox from me
  • A personal response with edits, suggestions, ideas, and my thoughts on each poem you write during the week.
  • And a postcard valentine in February mailed to your home from me (just because I think it's fun to send and receive real mail)

How do I sign up?

AND we are FULL!  Thanks!

Again, this will be offered at first come, first serve.  When the class is full, I'll update (or delete) this post.

If you have any questions, drop me an email  kelli (a) agodon.com or leave me it in the comments section of this post.

I plan on writing a poem a day as well.  A great way to begin 2012!


  1. What a great idea! Good luck. :)

  2. Wonderful idea! Will be traveling on the 2nd, so I wouldn't be able to fully participate. Best of luck - people will be thrilled to get feedback from an accomplished poet like yourself.


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