The Day Before the Night Before Christmas...

and I'm busy busy busy being good.


I had to laugh this morning when I read my "Gratitude Thursday" post.  I was so emotionally tired from my Nana's surprise broken hip and then surgery, when I wrote the post, I could not remember what I called it when I gave thanks on Thursday.  Grateful Thursday?  Gratitude Thursday?  What was it?!

Ah yes, THANKFUL Thursday (alliteration), not Gratitude Thursday.

But this how my mind behaves under stress.   I cannot remember anything.


So on the Friday the 23rd, I'm settling in for a Christmas weekend.  Two major projects done:

Crab Creek Review
Crab Creek Review, Issue 2: 2011

And Two Sylvias Press's Fire On Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry, has been approved and will be available on eReaders shortly.

It feels good to have both of these finished.  Of course, they are both good reminders of "Everything takes longer than I think."  It's so true.


I should have a few more blog posts these last days of 2011.  I'm thinking about resolutions, giving thanks for all I have, and trying to remember and keep in mind what is really important in life.

Thanks, as always, for reading.  Wishing you all good things no matter how or what you celebrate.  Happy everything.



  1. How wonderful to have these two major projects come together just before the holidays. Wishing you a 1001 joys for the New Year. Looking forward to working together again!

  2. THank you Susan & Collin! Happy New Year to you both!


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