What I've Been Up To--

First, if you are one of the two readers of this blog who show up here regularly, you will know, this autumn has been sketchy for how much I've been here.  I've managed to make to every Confession Tuesday, but have skipped out on a few Thankful Thursdays and at one point disappeared for a week which caused a few emails of "Are you okay?"

I am okay.

I am okay, but just have had so much going on that my blog slipped into the "optional" section of my Department Store of Time.

Today I looked at my To Do List and it's actually doable!  And you know I'm catching up on things as last night I did laundry AND helped my daughter clean her room (two chores I let slide when I am busy).

What have I been working on?

The big project has been the Fire On Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry, which should be available later this month.

Annette & I have learned SO much about what poetry can and cannot do in eReaders and the different formats for each of the readers.  PublishGreen has been a huge resource for us.  And they have the kindest people on board to answer questions.

Along with that, the next issue of Crab Creek Review is coming out (we have a great interview with Nin Andrews in it too!)

Also, this September, we began taking email submissions, so along with just putting an issue together, we all had a new procedure to learn.  But from what I've heard from poets and writers, they really appreciate being able to submit electronically and our goal at Crab Creek Review is to appreciate and honor our poets and writers in as many ways as we can, and also make your lives easier for you.  So, we're thrilled you like the new way to submit.

Finally, I have been working on my third manuscript.

I still do not have a great sentence to describe what it is about, but I guess my main theme is learning about life through artwork.

So this is me.

There have been other projects in between such as working with other poets individually to help them with their work, preparing for the next Poets on the Coast writing retreat with Susan Rich, applying for a couple of poet/teaching jobs, and all the things in between.

Mostly, I just wanted to say if you're reading this, thank you for hanging around.



  1. "One of two readers of your blog..." ROF your wit is doing fine. :)

  2. What Michael said. You have many readers like me- we just don't always have time to comment and let you know we are here!

  3. Yes, many readers, and I can not wait to see your new book. If you want to offer a preview . . .

    I can not wait to see it!

  4. The world is filled with lurkers. :)


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