Thankful Thursday

Fantastic Blog post on Thankfulness, Gratitude & how lucky we all are--
How to be Rich without Making More Money

The average income around the world is $7000.

When you are feeling poor, deprived, sad, remember that.  I know I will.  $7000 is what most people live on...or less.

In his blog post, David writes this:

And those powers are nothing compared to what else you can do with your riches. What would they pay to be able to:
  • speak to someone across the sea
  • have the knowledge of thousand encyclopedias in their pocket
  • watch segments of the past (or someone else’s past) unfold in moving pictures, in real time
  • see the face or hear the voice of a dead loved one
  • heat the house without stoking a fire
  • cook food in thirty seconds
  • clean and dry their family’s clothing with ten minutes of actual work
  • suck the dirt out of a rug
  • get all their water from inside the house at whatever temperature they wish
  • access instructions on how to do almost anything that can be done by humans
These are insane powers, which most of humanity could never have dreamed of, and they’re all yours, right now. Do you really think more money will make you feel rich if you aren’t blown away by what you already have?

It's true.  If we can't be thankful for what we have, how can we be thankful for more?

We must find gratitude daily and remember that Christmas it seems, doesn't come from a store.  And neither does happiness.

Hoping you all find your blessings and gratitude for a new year.

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  1. It took an earthquake to make me feel truly joyful over such things as electricity, clean running water and indoor plumbing. There's nothing like having to do without to make you appreciate them when you get them back.
    I clicked on the link you gave but was told I don't have access to view that page.

  2. Catherine--

    Oops, sorry about that! here's the correct link--

    Yes, losing electricity can definitely make you appreciate things. Our furnace broke once during winter and even today, I am so thankful when I turn the thermostat on and her the heat coming into our home!

  3. Sobering truths.

    Thank you for the lovely card that arrived in today's mail. It brought a big smile.


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