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  1. I don't do poetry challenges in November, because that is when I write novels. :)

    Except in July I committed to writing a poem a day no matter what month and no matter how busy I was, so maybe I should do this just because it's there and I'm already working on it. :)

  2. While I like the idea, I'm already -- on Day One -- feelng exhausted with the effort. Or maybe with expectation. I suppose this resistance is exactly why need this challenge.

    How about you, Kelli?

  3. Allyson-- Good luck on your novel! I learned that "Like Water for Elephants" began there!

    Drew-- I feel good (and I wrote my first poem), but I come at these things with LOW expectations. I have whipped out some terrible poems just to be done with them, then the next day, something good comes about...or doesn't. I figure at the end of the month, I'll 30 poems that would have never been written, who knows if they'll ever go someplace.

    My April poem-a-day got me one or two poems in the end. the rest I have never been able to revise into more.

    Do you try to do the prompts or do you just try to write a poem? I look at the prompt and if it doesn't inspire me, I read another poet's poem and write from that.

    Since you're feeling resistance, you should continue on and see what happens. And no expectations. Just write. I consider these poem-a-day similar to being in a batting cage, I may miss quite a few, but every so often a good hit.

    Good luck and let me know what you end up doing.


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