Book Trailer for Kathleen Flenniken's Next Book of Poems: PLUME

My friend, Kathleen Flenniken's second book poems entitled PLUME will be published by the University of Washington Press this spring. I read many of the poems when we were in grad school together and they are truly incredible.

The collection is based on her history growing up in Hanford and working at the Hanford Nuclear Site.

Those in the Northwest are quite familiar with Hanford and she has done her research to produce a book of poems that well-written, well-crafted, and as Martha Collins says, "PLUME raises the bar for documentary poetry."

Kathleen's son made this book trailer for her. What I love about it is that they drove to Hanford to get the video to use. I love seeing Kathleen read in front of smoke rising into the air, and I love how this book trailers tells us what we will be getting in her book as well as gives us a sample of Kathleen's work.

If you haven't read Kathleen's first book, FAMOUS, I highly recommend it.  It won the Prairie Schooner prize a few years ago and is an incredible read.

Here's the book trailer for PLUME... I think it's a wonderful job and I love that her son did for her, a great experience to have together--


  1. Just put this on my list!

    Well-done trailer. Thank you for spotlighting the collection.

  2. I just tried to play that trailer and it said the video has been removed by the user.

  3. Yay!! Great news! Great trailer! Thanks for sharing -- PLUME is an awesome title, doncha think? Congrats to Kathleen!

  4. So strong and good. What a fine poem and trailer. These identity things, they remain in the bones.

  5. Just posted the trailer on my blog.


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