Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's been one week of leftovers and a fire in the oven since my last confession. The turkey was fine (as was my sister's kitchen!), just a little grease fire to start the holiday the way we like to-- with a good story where no one gets (got) hurt.

I'm a little under the weather, but still it's time.  To the confessional--

I confess I love the holiday season and already have my tree up and the living room decorated.  I know.  Nutty.  And yes, I've already been to The Nutcracker this year and am buying tickets for a local production of It's a Wonderful Life.

There is a part of me that wishes I bottle this feeling and keep it for the times I'm mopey and down.

But I can't.  So I live it up now and deal with other emotions when I have to.


I confess stuffing is my favorite.  And mashed potatoes.  And I like my cranberry from a can (in the shape of a can).

We also have the Russell Green Jello salad, a tradition in my family.  Mine is made special without walnuts.  Okay, without walnuts, celery, and cabbage (all things that should be in Jello).  It's a crazy salad that only could have been created in the 1960's or 1970's and every year there it is on the table.

It's also tradition to have (read: force) everyone try/taste/eat it.

Oh and don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about vintage Americans, I know you eat some similar odd "traditional" food at your Thanksgiving.

I confess I did not shop on Black Friday. I didn't leave the house.  I decorated our tree and listened to Christmas music.  I dislike shopping anyway.  Shopping in crowds just lowers my tolerance to "let's-get-out-of-here-now!"


I confess I wish I had more stuffing.

Happy Almost December!




  1. I'd confess to several of the same things! I do want the celery and walnuts, though. But not the cabbage!

  2. And I confess I struggle with the holidays, but I love to hear how other people love them. But this year I am looking forward to them . .. my daughter is coming back from Kenya, my son from California. I can't wait.

    And stuffing, I like stuffing. It might be the only part of Thanksgiving I miss. We have a vegetarian gathering every year . ..


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