Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

I confess I've been away.  I confess I've been away and so busy I forgot to blog.  I forgot to blog and people thought I was kidnapped.  Or falling apart.

But no, it's not that interesting...  Just very away and very busy.

To the confessional--

I confess I spent the weekend at a reunion for my MFA program (PLU's Rainier Writers Workshop).  It was pretty wonderful being around others who love to write and talk about writing and the writing life and projects and books and nerdy stuff.  Not once did I hear about Kim Kardashian or her wedding.  No one talked gossiped about anyone else.  No one tried to put anyone down or their ideas.  It's pretty much my utopia being around these types of people.


I confess I realize the lesson I'm still working on learning is that life is too short to spend time with people you don't really like.  It's also too short to fold fitted sheets properly, but that's another topic.


I confess I've spent many hours this last week working on Fire On Her Tongue anthology (almost ready!) and the new issue of Crab Creek Review (also almost ready).  Two deadlines smacking me in the face at once.  Or not that painful.  Let's try again-- Two deadlines forcing me to eat cake... okay, that's more like it.  I'm busy, but it's good work.


I confess my overwork caused me to flip out in the car tonight because my second least favorite song of all time came on the radio-- Cat's in the Cradle.  (Um, my family thinks this type of flip-out is hilarious.)

But I so hate that song.  When I hear it I scream and start pressing buttons (yes, I am a twelve year old girl.)  The only song I think is worse that Cat's in the Cradle is Mr. Bo Jangles; a song which is so bad is can almost make me cry I hate it so much.  (I am typing this at night and am in my overly-dramatic mood, obviously.)


I confess since I said I hate that song--here are some I love:  Beast of Burden (Rolling Stones-- though I've been told some people don't like this song), Boys of Summer (Don Henley), & most anything by the Beatles or John Lennon.

Recently (um, tonight) you could have seen me dancing above the waist in the car when "Moves Like Jagger" came on the radio.  (It's by Maroon 5.)  Actually, you can pretty much see me doing this whenever I hear the song.

I confess if you saw me dancing in my car, you would probably drive by fast and try not to make eye contact.

And speaking of music, my daughter introduced me to this clever song-- Canadian, Please (Song & video produced by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie)  which I send out with love to my Canadian friends, or anyone who wants to be Canadian (apparently there are three rules, 1) get rid of your gun 2) buy a canoe  3) live multi-culturally -- Anyway, we've been enjoying it.  But we're odd like that.

And we've got the moves like Jagger.




  1. I submit for your consideration an even worse song: "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold. It's about a boomer boy who goes berzerk due to the injustice of his parents daring to have A SECOND CHILD. Parent child drama beyond Cats in the Cradle....

    --Nancy P.


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