Twitter #poetparty Sunday Night at 6 pm PST - Topic: Chapbooks!

If you're interested in chapbooks (writing or publishing one), you might want to head to Twitter this Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 6 pm PST (9 pm EST) and in the SEARCH box type in #poetparty

There will be a few of us (Deborah Ager & Collin Kelley have excellent attendance at this discussions & good tweets) who will be discussing chapbooks.

Anyone is welcome and you can ask questions to the group.

If you've never done Twitter, it can be confusing.  I was a terribly slow-learner.  Martha Silano created my account for me in a coffeeshop and it took me months and months before I used it and understood.  Now, I *finally* get it.

But if you're new, here's what I suggest--

1)  Go to Twitter at 5:55 pm PST on Sunday and type in #poetparty in the search box.

Some tweets might show up.  As you refresh that search, you will see more and more people "arriving."

2)  You can introduce yourself (it's a great way to meet other writers and everyone is always so nice at these things) or just read along privately on your laptop.

3) If you're going to participate, arrive on time as latecomers always have a hard time catching up and being included, I've noticed.  I think because the conversation is in full swing and quickly.

4)  If you make any post, you must have #poetparty in your Tweet or it won't be seen.  It's like standing outside the door of the party and asking questions to the potted palm.

The whole event only lasts an hour and goes by quickly.

It does take some getting used to, but very fun and interesting things are usually said.

I now use something called Hootsuite, which is great because you can see the tweets and when someone "mentions" you or responds to you directly with a @.  I just started using it the last poetparty and it worked great.  Minus that our party was happening during the Oscars, so everything on Twitter was slow.

Anyway, that's Twitter and the #poetparty for you.  By the way, the # before #poetparty is important to make sure you're actually part of the discussion and remember to include it in every tweet, or again, it's like you've stepped outside.

If you want to find me on Twitter, I'm at:  kelliagodon

There's quite a few poets on Twitter.  Here's a few--
Susan Rich
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Martha Silano
January Gill O'Neil
Collin Kelley
Deborah Ager

There's a bunch.  Feel free to drop by and say hello!



  1. Thanks Kelli for mentioning Twitter - it's a fun way to stay in touch with a lot of people with the same interests. I'm on as well under @BeingPoetry.

    Take care,

  2. Kelli this sounds so interesting - except the two times I've tried theses I've been so inept at it that I'm almost fearful of trying again. Maybe I'll download Hootsuite and try. I used Tweet deck. Maybe this will help.

    I should be back from Terrance Hayes event by then.

  3. Hootsuite is definitely the best way to keep up...if Twitter itself isn't acting up.


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