Ahh, There is hope in the world! A New Press- Welcome Ashland Creek Press! (Thankful Thursday)

Thankful Thursday and I want to spread the news...

There's a new press in town--
Welcome Ashland Creek Press!   A new small indie press looking to do big things.

I love that in a world where people are quick to say "print is dead" along with "no one reads books anymore" that we know how wrong that is and here are two people who are willing to stand by that statement.

(By the bye, I think eBooks & print books can live together in harmony, but that's another post...)

Back to Ashland Creek Press--Here's a short description of the press:

Ashland Creek Press is a small, independent publisher of books with a world view. From travel stories to eco-literature, our mission is to publish a range of books, as well as short stories and articles, that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, the animal kingdom, and the ways in which we all connect.

Founders: Authors Midge Raymond (Forgetting English: Stories, which can be pre-ordered here) and John Yunker (The Tourist Trail)

Here are the submission guidelines if you're interested in being published by them.

And Facebookers, please "LIKE" their Facebook page.


What I love about this press is that it was started by authors, AUTHORS!  I think there is something amazing about working with a press that understands *your* side of the business.  And both of them do as they both have books.

Also, they are good people.  And funny.

Check out Midge's book trailer, one of the best book trailers I've seen--

Support your indie presses, friends.  These will be the folks who take care of us (just as we should help take care of them) while the larger presses eat their young and play Monopoly with the bookworld, these will be the presses that allow us to have our words.

Congrats to Midge and John for being part of a larger conversation of literary and for their vision of seeing how we all connect!



  1. Thanks, Kelli, for giving Ashland Creek Press such a warm welcome! :)

  2. This is great news, especially considering some people's opinion on things such as the NEA.


  3. Love the books trailer!!!

  4. Anon-

    Thanks for the link!

    And Midge, you are welcome!


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