Thankful Thursday - New Favorite Blog *Insulted by Authors* by Bill Ryan

I learned about this blog through this article in LA Times.

The blog *Insulted by Authors* is by Bill Ryan, who began asking authors to inscribe insults to him when they sign their book for him.

His blog is arranged in a way where it's a little hard just to scroll through and sample, but it's worth the digging around just to find Amy Sedaris' insult to him, which is just as funny and clever as she is (and contains a 4-letter word that I know many hate, but the way she uses it is classic Sedaris.)

I think projects like these are sparks of brilliance in the world.  (Oh, do I see a book deal in the works?? I'd bet on it!)

And I was amused to see some authors wouldn't play along (serious authors...)  And you think they would, what great request at a booksigning than to have someone ask you to write something specific, it makes the signing so much more interesting and so much easier!

And no, he hasn't asked me, but I'd be happy to insult him.


  1. That's funny. Thanks for the link--I'll check out Insulted by Authors.

    Hope you are well. :)

  2. thanks so much for the add! very glad you liked it :-)
    (p.s. i agree, vintage luggage is too heavy to actually carry around! but looks super cool, lol)


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