Books of Poetry for $10 or less...

I happened to be on Amazon today (okay, I'll confess, I wanted to see how my book was doing # wise in the world) and was surprised to find that it currently priced at $10.88 (It's normally $16). That is close to what I pay for copies of my book!

So if you ever wanted to get my book, it's at an excellent price on Amazon today (I say today because I don't know if you notice, but Amazon fluctuates with it prices & I'm not sure why.  Normally, my book is discounted at about $12.88 - Susan Rich's book also from White Pine Press The Alchemist's Kitchen is at $12.48, so I think that's about what our books normally sell for on Amazon).

Anyway, I decided to look around at my favorite books and see who else has a poetry book at $10 and here's what I found-- 

POETRY BOOKS for $10 (& some change) and less--

Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press Poetry Prize)(my newest book) Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room, currently on Amazon for $10.88.

Becoming the VillainessJeannine Hall Gailey's book Becoming the Villainess is also for sale at $9.45!

But you'll want to get yourself 3 books so you can get the free shipping, so here's a few more poetry books I recommend that are $10 or under today on Amazon--

What Big Teeth: Red Riding Hood's Real LifeLana Hechtman Ayer's What Big Teeth: Red Riding Hood's Real Life book which just came out in March of last year about the real story of Little Red Riding Hood. ($10)  

Crush (Yale Series of Younger Poets)Richard Siken's Crush, a past Yale Younger Poets Prize book that's become a favorite of mine. ($10.80)  I'm really late on buying/reading this book, but it's incredible, even with a cover that always makes me look twice-- is that really his thumb?

Beautiful in the Mouth (A. Poulin, Jr. New Poets of America)Another new favorite book of poems that I just love by Keetje Kuipers-- Beautiful in the Mouth (A. Poulin, Jr. New Poets of America) also $10.88 - I just bought this one about a week ago and I love her poems.

Blue PositiveMartha Silano's Blue Positive coming in at $10.20.  Always a fav.  Of course, Marty's new book is out The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception: Poems, but it's at $11.78, so it's just a bit higher than that lovely $10 price tag.

So there you go, poetry for $10 & some change or less.  Have fun, bibliophiles!



  1. Interesting... your book is listed at $12 for me. Amazon does give different prices to different people based on their browsing/buying history; sometimes it pays to clear your browser's cache and look again. :)

    (not that it isn't worth $12 or even more! argh, I still need to buy a copy - it's at the very top of my list!)

  2. bizarre! I just signed out and signed back in and it upped it to $12! The NERVE!

    I didn't turn off my computer last night, I wonder if I got yesterday's prices?! SO weird.

    I wonder if any of the others are wrong?

  3. Sigh...well, just as my list of Go Buy These was down to 3, you have given m a few more to add to it. That thing will NEVER be cleared off!

    Also, if I may, a plug. My book "A Mouth for Picket Fences" is also under 10 (just barely...$9.99) and SHOULD be on Kindle within a few days for $2.99...

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Barry,

    Your book is going to be available on Kindle?! That's very cool. There aren't many poetry books for sale.

    Thanks for mentioning your book, also under $10!

  5. Yes, but, as you can imagine, the formatting was a HORRIBLE task. It literally took my publisher (Needfire) to get its poetry titles formatted for Kindle screens. But is IS possible!

  6. has its on-crack aspects. I was ready to comment that Weathered Steps can be purchased for way under $10, but Amazon lists it as $74. Try %6.95 plus tax.


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