12 Ways of Getting Free Poetry Books (click on the links below)

Here's our current list (updated today) of bloggers participating in giving away free Poetry Books to celebrate National Poetry Month.  Click on the links below to get to the blogs, then leave a comment to be in their drawings!

BIG POETRY GIVEAWAY! -- List of Blogs Participating...


  1. Lots of fun! Glad to see everybody playing, and to think of the books going out there in the world to eager readers!! Thanks for doing this.

  2. If possible, I would like to add my name to the list.

    Karen Weyant AKA The Scrapper Poet

  3. I've posted about this and am happy to be part of it!

  4. I picked out my books to give away and just posted the info on my blog (which is in need of a better title than "News," I know...):


  5. I've declared my intention to participate in this post: http://namingconstellations.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/meta-blogging-april-is-coming/

    ...because it's a wonderful idea, and I have books to share! :)

    Naming Constellations: Joseph Harker

  6. I too would like to give my books away free, if anyone wanted the crummy things—

    for year I've posted similar offers on my blogs and facebook

  7. Bill, if you do-- Post a giveaway and email me the link!

    Matt & Joe-- I have you linked up. Thanks!


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