Confession Wednesday ....

I confess I overslept, missed the day, was too busy, too mixed up, too poetry filled, coffee filled, art filled and moving from place to place to brie to hummus to homemade brownies from scratch I didn't make and now I'm here and late and ready to confess what there is to confess, a shorter list this week...

I confess--

My love for brie (and not the Desperate Housewife character) concerns me.

I referred to someone as "my personal nemesis" as if I were my own superhero cartoon.

I spoke a little too loud, danced a little too wildly, ate a little more than I should, and spent a little too much.

I confess I should regret it, but I don't.


  1. Yes, nothing to regret here. Say a few Hail Bries, Our Supermans and go back to sleep. :)

  2. Does everyone (or, at least, every poet) have a "personal nemesis"?

    I do.


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