Apologies to an Apple - Poems by Maya Ganesan

A few weeks ago I opened my mailbox to find the most lovely surprise-- Maya Ganesan's new book of poems arrived, absolutely gorgeous with its green apple on the cover.

I was 34 when my chapbook came out and 35 when my first collection was published and here's Maya who I think may have just turned 12 (is that right, Maya?) who has this great book of poems that she wrote when she was only 10 or 11.

If I look back at the poetry I was writing at her age, it's not even close to the depth or spirit her work has. I think I was writing limericks about dogs in cars, haikus about rainbows. It's a remarkable first book for her and it shows her love for poetry as well as begins her voice as a poet. I've been so impressed with Maya since I read her work, I'm excited for what other new works she brings into the world, she has a long and wonderful future ahead of her!

Congrats Maya on your book...

Here's a favorite of mine from the collection--

Not Heard

I can't hear you saying goodbye, you
standing at the dock with your mouth open,

speaking words and who-knows-how-long
take cares and don't foget to send me

a postcard lectures through a face clouded
with the temptation to reach out and pull
me from that scrubbed deck. Words

and sentences I can't hear.

I'm standing here, watching you, my
eyes fixed on the palm of that hand, raised,

pale against the blanketed sky. The hand you
forgot to bring down.

Maya Ganesan
from Apologies to an Apple
published by Classic Day Publishing, Seattle, WA 2009


For more info on Maya, you can go to her website: http://mayaganesan.com/default.aspx



  1. Thank you! I can't begin to explain how much this means to me. (And I'm still eleven...) :)

  2. Oh, and I wrote these when I was ten. ;)

  3. You are so welcome, and so amazing--

    I can't even imagine what 12 holds for you. ;-) congrats again!

  4. Impressive, Maya! Keep writing!!

    Who are your favorite poets?



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