Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I have a bad cold today so everything is a little hazy, my apologies on spelling errors, missing words, or just plain nonsense in advance. My head is heavy and I keep losing things.

To the confessional--

I was reading January's confessions today--if you haven't and you're a parent that works/writes from home you should. I think it's hard if you work/write from home because family may intrude on your time in a way that wouldn't happen if you were out of the house at a different geographical location, say an office. I cannot imagine visiting my husband at work (he's a firefighter) and asking him to help me find my keys or to stop what he is doing to watch something funny on TV or look at what the cats are up to.

There is an absolutely love behind the last two requests because your family wants you to be part of something that's important or interesting to them, but the first one, these "favors" or "requests" they are the things that can make someone like me, who is NOT a multi-tasker, who can not get up from that space a poem puts me in where I am deep in the words and going under, I cannot get up and find the keys then return to that same space.

I have a shed now and it has helped. January says she goes to Starbucks. A famous poet has said something like she has told her kids to leave her alone unless something is on fire. We try to carve out our own space. It's difficult, but we try.

When you work in the home (no matter what job) it is harder to be that other person and for your family to see you as that other person. Many times you may not even feel like that other person. Just know poets and writers who work from home, you are not alone.

* * *

I hate recycling things that can be used again, like small cute boxes that chocolate comes in. However, I'm not so organized that I have a place to store them until that perfect use comes up again.

* * *

Someone recently said to me that they couldn't spend a $100 on something frivolous because of the economy (which is a different reason than "I don't have the money"). I thought that was interesting and wondered if other people have placed a price on frivolity.

* * *

I hate being sick because I always think I will feel this way forever. This is why I shouldn't live in a state with the new assisted suicide option. I'm too much of wimp when it comes to not feeling good and would be ready to opt out if asked. (My husband tells me this option is not available for someone with a bad cold and that it must be a terminal illness with less than 6 mos to live.) I think he thinks I'm a little bit of a drama queen when ill.

* * *

I am getting tired of the words "economy" and "recession." I think they should be replaced "elephant" and "recess." I would much rather hear the newscasters say, "Our elephant is in a recess" a thousand times a day. It just sounds so much happier. Play hard, elephant, recesses don't last forever.



  1. Oh, sweetie, sorry you're sick! I've got a little sinus/cough thing happening too - just in time for my Seattle visit (boo!)
    I do the same thing when I'm sick or injured - I feel like it is going to last forever, that I will never feel good again. Well, sometimes I'm sick so often, it does actually seem like that is true! But the good thing is it helps you not take for granted when you're well, how much we can do then, how happy we should be when we can smell flowers properly or run around the block without a limp!

  2. I love that you have a shed of your own! I would get a shed but we already have one filled with lawn equipment.

    Sometimes I feel as if our kids think of us at 24-hour customer service reps—there to help all the time with everything. Mostly we do, but we still need to get away from the help line every once in a while. And kids need to learn how to problem solve for themselves.

    I could easily spend $100 on something frivolous. My last frivolous item was my Flip MINO video camera (I called it an early b-day gift). But my husband and I budgeted for it. I've cut out almost every luxury except my Starbucks visits to save for the important things. I'm preparing for the worst and hoping it never comes.

  3. Elephants in a recess--wonderful!--reminds me of that wonderful piece in "Fantasia" with the elephants in tutus.

  4. I have definitely cut back on little impulse buys at Target or the supermarket. I'd rather save up and buy myself a book, DVD or download something from iTunes.


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