Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confession Tuesday- St. Patrick's Day edition

I'm off to lunch, to keylime pie soon, so let's begin!

1) I am mostly French, but also part Irish & English on my dad's side (family from Dublin, Ireland). On St. Patrick's day though, I skip out on my French side. (Though honestly, I think I look much more Irish than French-- I did not get my mum's pretty skin and have always felt much more Irish than French.)

2) I like holidays that involved colors and parties (Cinco de Mayo, St. Patty's day, Halloween, and 4th of July).

3) Because I looked up the book of badpoet from yesterday, it keeps showing up on my Amazon page and this makes me cranky. I call it karma.

4) Thank you for listening to my rant yesterday about anonymous badpoet. It cleared my head.

5) I am retitled my manuscript again and am looking for words that are a metaphor for either God, anxiety, or chaos. If you have any to share, please post them in my note section. If I use your word, I will send you something.

6) When I typed that last confession I thought of Jeannine and my friends who have been through this with me numerous times (and with numerous books) and I both both thank you and apologize to you again and again.

7) I have a third manuscript I haven't sent out yet, but it has a title, that I won't change. Promise.

8) I confess I love the Irish...

Cheers to you all (Irish and not) on this St. Patty's day!


  1. Happy St. Patty's Day!

    How many manuscripts do you have in the works? Amazing. Titles are tough. But in the end, I think we fret a little too much about them.

    And now I must check out your post from yesterday.

  2. Regarding item 5: the most likely word that comes to mind is trembling. Though Kierkegaard may have used it previously.

  3. Once, in a church service, I heard the verse, "I am the great I AM" (I think what God told Moses to say when the Pharoah asks who sent him). I heard that verse as Iamb. I have yet to do anything with that idea. You're welcome to it. God as cosmic heartbeat?

    Other metaphors for God: Breath occurs throughout the Bible (Pneuma, if you want to be Greek). I've always liked the idea of a potter. Much of creation--and an interesting healing story involving Jesus--seems to involve mud.

    Chaos--a void has always seemed apt.

    And my anxieties are like yapping dogs that won't shut up and keep nipping me.

    I look forward to seeing your eventual title!

  4. Hi January,

    I have two manuscripts, one I obsess about and one that is on the backburner until I can get the first one accepted. I'm not a multi-tasker, maybe I'll blog about this today...

    Lyle, Thanks! And Kiekegaard can't have all the rights to that word-- give it up, K! ;-) Appreciate your note.

    Kristin-- that is the best church story! I love Iamb vs. I am.

    I write so therefore Iamb. I love it! You gave me some great ideas. Thank you!

  5. Yesterday, I stumbled across a Psalm that mentioned God as comforter. That immediately made me think of quilts and blankets. I love the idea of God as quilter. This morning, a line bubbled up in my brain; I plan to use it, but feel free to play too:

    On the 3rd day, God switched fabrics.

    I'm intrigued with how the creation story can be translated into fabric. If I was a better visual artist . . .

    O.K. I'll quit monopolizing your comment space now.

    Thanks for the inspirations you've given me.


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