Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Books of Poetry for $10 or less...

I happened to be on Amazon today (okay, I'll confess, I wanted to see how my book was doing # wise in the world) and was surprised to find that it currently priced at $10.88 (It's normally $16). That is close to what I pay for copies of my book!

So if you ever wanted to get my book, it's at an excellent price on Amazon today (I say today because I don't know if you notice, but Amazon fluctuates with it prices & I'm not sure why.  Normally, my book is discounted at about $12.88 - Susan Rich's book also from White Pine Press The Alchemist's Kitchen is at $12.48, so I think that's about what our books normally sell for on Amazon).

Anyway, I decided to look around at my favorite books and see who else has a poetry book at $10 and here's what I found-- 

POETRY BOOKS for $10 (& some change) and less--

Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press Poetry Prize)(my newest book) Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room, currently on Amazon for $10.88.

Becoming the VillainessJeannine Hall Gailey's book Becoming the Villainess is also for sale at $9.45!

But you'll want to get yourself 3 books so you can get the free shipping, so here's a few more poetry books I recommend that are $10 or under today on Amazon--

What Big Teeth: Red Riding Hood's Real LifeLana Hechtman Ayer's What Big Teeth: Red Riding Hood's Real Life book which just came out in March of last year about the real story of Little Red Riding Hood. ($10)  

Crush (Yale Series of Younger Poets)Richard Siken's Crush, a past Yale Younger Poets Prize book that's become a favorite of mine. ($10.80)  I'm really late on buying/reading this book, but it's incredible, even with a cover that always makes me look twice-- is that really his thumb?

Beautiful in the Mouth (A. Poulin, Jr. New Poets of America)Another new favorite book of poems that I just love by Keetje Kuipers-- Beautiful in the Mouth (A. Poulin, Jr. New Poets of America) also $10.88 - I just bought this one about a week ago and I love her poems.

Blue PositiveMartha Silano's Blue Positive coming in at $10.20.  Always a fav.  Of course, Marty's new book is out The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception: Poems, but it's at $11.78, so it's just a bit higher than that lovely $10 price tag.

So there you go, poetry for $10 & some change or less.  Have fun, bibliophiles!

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