Literary Holiday Gifts: The Poet Tarot: A Deck of Creative Exploration #writers #poets

How could I not include this as the perfect literary gift?! The Poet Tarot by Two Sylvias Press.

I swear, I draw a card from this almost daily. 

The Poet Tarot Deck and Guidebook is created to help writers, artists, or anyone working on an artistic project (or simply living a creative life) explore the nuances of their creative process. The Poet Tarot features 30 well-known poets. 

This deck follows the traditional tarot deck with a few variations. The major arcana is made up of poets--Edgar Allan Poe makes a delicious Devil (XV) while Emily Dickinson is an obvious Hermit (IX). E. E. Cummings is a fantastic Fool (0) and William Butler Yeats, a transformational Ending (XIII). We've tweaked the suit cards to represent the stages of the creative process: Muses (Cups), Quills (Wands), Mentors (Swords), and Letterpresses (Coins). 

We've also written an 80 page perfect-bound print guidebook, which includes card explanations, layouts, and ideas for using the cards. The Poet Tarot is an excellent tool for writers and artists who are looking for innovative approaches to their creativity, ways to generate new work, and assistance in focusing on long and short term goals.

$49 for The Poet Tarot Deck & Guideboo

+Two Sylvias Press

~ Kells

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