Literary Gifts for Poets & Reader: Reckless Lovely by Martha Silano


Hope is the thing with

Martha Silano
an important message, a pressing urgency
I reckon Hope’s entitled to. Hope says Hello,
my dear, and it goes from there: how are you,
hope you’re well, bit hot over here in Burkina
Faso, then Hope’s done with asking after
my chargers, my panes, the windstorm nudging
my touch-and-go, has no time for me
or my closely-monitored percolations. Hope’s
not perched; she’s pouncing, marooned
to the tune of $4.5 million. But Hope’s right:
her choosing me is a question she knows
she must answer. And big surprise: the Almighty
willed it, decided against her two sadistic aunts
because, Hope says, I’m different, won’t sell
her dead mom’s home to a Mr. Molson Steven
(though who can say for sure?). Hope’s favorite
language? Waiting to hear you soonest. Hope’s
solution: hide behind a bush so when I call
she can answer, or whatever (it’s against the law).
Just like staying in the prison, says Hope before
signing off in the name of a nearby privilege,
in the name of what I need from you is this.

Reckless Lovely by Martha Silano published by Saturnalia Books

Martha Silano's poetry collection begins with The Big Bang and ends with the unleashing of twelve million bees from a jack-knifed semi. In between Reckless Lovely ricochets from Renaissance masterworks to amusement parks, from fissures to fission, praising everything from peregrines to parameciums. Reveling in galaxies and marveling at Earth's miracles, Reckless Lovely opens the door to the radiantly inscrutable and the splendidly baffling.

~ Kells

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