Gifts for Poets & Writers: The Cardiologist's Daughter by Natasha Kochicheril Moni

I'm rather proud of this book as it's the FIRST FULL collection of poems put out by Two Sylvias Press and it's absolutely amazing! Natasha Moni does not disappoint on her first book!

Here's a poem from it:

If you don’t realize we are stories 


I say you have a heart of dust— 
you kept mine on the dash. 

I don’t remember leaving 
you anything, but my heart 

is always so easy
to recall—the lazy point 

doesn’t connect—where line 
should greet line there is space. 


If your palm erases—who will negotiate your dust? 
If I pretend it wasn’t mine, will you promise 

to let me move 
away from you? 

Forget the one about fireflies, always the males— 
their asses like lightning for females in the sky— 

those bugs don’t occupy this state. 
Your ability to set fire to yourself, 

I allow you. 

The truth is I set the laces aflame. You turned the glass onto leaves, seized the shaker 
and salted those snails, slugs, anything that would shrivel. 

I remember the frog we buried in my yard, 
unearthed later to witness progress. 

                             Don’t be afraid, the frog was dead. Still, I would rather not have stared 
                so long like a child intoxicated by the sun, I am forever nearsighted. 

To order:

Natasha Moni at her book release reading at Hugo House 2014


The Cardiologist's Daughter is the debut poetry collection of poet and medical student, Natasha Kochicheril Moni. Lovingly rendered and tenderly drawn, Natasha Kochicheril Moni's poems pulse with wonder and compassion as she examines the concerns of the heart. ~ Kim Barnes Author of In the Kingdom of Men

~ Kells

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