Favorite Things List for Poets, Writers, Readers, and Literary Lovers: Gifts Guide

Oprah does her Favorite Things List, here's mine (specifically for poets, writers, authors, and the creative types...)


The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice 
by Martha Silano and Kelli Russell Agodon

Had to mention this, especially with the NEW YEAR around the corner 
-- 366 writing prompts so you can write a poem a day! 


Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday by Todd Henry

Todd does the Accidental Creative Podcasts.  Also has the book Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant At a Moment's Notice, which I recommend as well!


The Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson's Envelope Poems
A friend bought me this and I was amazed at the quality.  It looked as if the actual letter/poem in her writing is on the page.  This book makes me want to cry when I open it because it's that beautiful.


If you struggle with balance, living a life as a poet, writer, or artist, my book, Hourglass Museum explores that subject.  And



and eBook!

Over 70 (seventy!) of the best women poets writing today!  I'm incredibly proud of this collection! 

Fire On Her Tongue: An Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry is the first electronic collection (now in a print version) of poems by women writing today. Poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy, Co-Editors of Crab Creek Review and Co-Founders of Two Sylvias Press, have collaborated on this ground-breaking literary project. Featuring over 70 of the most extraordinary poets from a variety of backgrounds and whose ages span from thirteen to ninety-one, Fire On Her Tongue showcases superbly crafted poems exploring the contemporary woman’s experience. Fire On Her Tongue: An Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry includes poems by Kim Addonizio, Nin Andrews, Elizabeth Austin, Madeline DeFrees, Patricia Fargnoli, Annie Finch, Kate Greenstreet, Lola Haskins, Jane Hirshfield, Keetje Kuipers, Dorianne Laux, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Alicia Ostriker, Susan Rich, Natasha Sajé, Peggy Shumaker, Martha Silano, Patricia Smith, A.E. Stallings, Rachel Zucker, and many other accomplished poets. Fire On Her Tongue is an amazing resource for any reader or student who wants to explore an in-depth selection of work from some of today’s strongest women poets.



Aqua Notes:
These are in my shower and I love them.  Only $7.95 too.  Mine have lasted a long time.


Teva Flip-Flops.

$18.  Other colors may be less (or more)

I know, it doesn't seem writerly. But I love these flip-flops and they are part of my spring/summer, into fall uniform.  Super comfy and durable. I wear them with everything (note: I live in the NW and can get away with this. More stylish cities be warned.)


DogBone Neck Pillow-- $12.50

Everyone in my family has these. If I go on a trip and don't have it, I freak out. I use it every night for reading. My husband uses his also as a pillow.

I have been known to yell, "Where's my dog bone?!" before bed.  I will never live without one of these again.

Note: these are a little bigger than the one I originally got, which is no longer for sale. It had a more cotton fabric.  That said, I use this one when mine has been misplaced and it works well.



Who Does She Think She Is?  DVD Documentary $14
I watch this 2-3 times a year. I recommend it every year.  For the creative woman/mother in your life.  It's all about the struggle to create and be a mom.  Fantastic and inspiring.


Midnight in Paris DVD $7.49
I love this movie and I'm always recommending this. I've watched it into the double-digits.  Love the literary cameos.


~ Kells 


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