Tinderbox: A New Poetry Journal & Two New Poems & The Stories Behind Them:

Honored to be in the first issue of Tinderbox Poetry Journal!

Here are two new poems of mine out in the world:

1)  After the Death of a Friend, I Feel Enlightened for Approximately Three Days

****Since turning 42, the meaning of life year, I've lost two friends of mine from high school unexpected. They both died surprising deaths--one a heart attack, one told her children she was going to lie down for a nap and she never woke up.

When it happened, we were all shocked. I remember the big visual of LIFE IS TEMPORARY flashing through my brain. . .and yet. For three days, I felt connected to something larger, a reconnection to myself and the meaning that this is our life, right now, pay attention, don't waste it.  Then like most human beings, I forgot, got caught up in the hubbub of daily life.

I wrote this poem to remember these two women as well as to remind myself how I felt when they passed and to work on being in the moment, loving life, and not focusing on the small problems we all have. (I'm still working on it.)

2)  Self Portrait with Imaginary Brother

This poem is an ekphrastic after this painting by William de Kooning of the same name.

I have four older sisters and many girlfriends, but I have always had a lot of guy friends (especially during my tomboy years) as I have always found that I appreciate my male friends (many who are like brothers to me) because I enjoy talking to them and hearing their opinions and views on things. 

In this poem, I imagine having a brother, and in a certain respect, the "brother" in the poem also feels like God to me.


So now you know the story behind the poems...

~ Kells
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