Summer Plan(s)

Just checking in with a few things before I disappear for the summer.

1) Poet Postcard Posts: I have prescheduled some "poet postcards" throughout the summer, most will post Mondays, but some weeks there will be two.

Just realize they are prescheduled, so I'm not really here, which is to say please read thought #2.

2) Disconnecting:  Just so you know, if you leave a comment on my blog and I don't respond. Or if you write to me on Facebook & I don't respond. Or if you email me and you don't hear from me. 

It's because I'm disconnecting for a bit and absolutely nothing personal, just the time of year, I need to clear my head, reconnect with nature, and well, disconnect.

Someone asked me why I disconnect--

I think for me, sometimes the internet can almost rewire my brain in way that doesn't feel completely healthy. It makes a person (me!) think that there's emails to be answered. Facebook to be checked. It puts me on a response mode instead of an active-creating mode.

Summer is also my time to fill up and reconnect with the outdoors, with my more physical side--hiking, paddleboarding, mountain biking. As well as my intellectual side-- reading, reading, reading. 

The internet has a way of sucking me in. And while I've very productive, I need to retrain myself out of any bad habits so I can begin my writing/work year (which starts in September) fresh. 

Leaving my phone home, putting my email literally on Pause (by the way, if you have Gmail, this is something you can do and I HIGHLY recommend it! It's called InBox Pause and I SO recommend it if you are someone who checks email too much. You can schedule your email to come in at one or two (or more if needed) times a day, but until those times, you don't receive email--I sometimes do this during my work year) is my way of uncluttering my mind. 

I guess I also disconnect because I want to make sure I'm using my time well.  By June, I'm usually not as disciplined as I was in September.  I'll waste time on Facebook, and I know I need to walk away from the computer when I find myself on Pinterest!

So that is why I unplug in the summer.  To renew and rest and read...

3)  New Interview:  Here's an interview I did on my book, Hourglass Museum, along with a few other things including The Daily Poet and Two Sylvia Press's The Poet Tarot.

It will air in a month or two in the New England area on NPR.  

4)  Thank you: I just want to say thanks to anyone who reads my blog.  Blogs are not the thing anymore. Short form content like Twitter and Facebook has left what was once a neighborhood filled with interesting poets with empty houses.  I'm still around.  I always wonder when I'll leave, but I hang on, repaint my house and see what happens.

You don't have to be reading this, but you are.  So thank you.

I look forward to writing more interesting blog posts in the fall.

Enjoy the summer!  

And continue to write and create. It really does make the world a better place.

~ Kells
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  1. Mabool’s Five-Step Guide
    to Summer Fecklessness.

    1) Evince helplessness.
    2) Affect hopelessness.
    3) Manifest cluelessness.
    4) Practice toothlessness.
    5) Pivot in senselessness.


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