Need a Little Inspiration? Recommendation: @LemonTheMovie - A Poetry Documentary

Russell Sims presents LEMON, the movie


"If you want it, you'll really work for it." Lemon Andersen

If you know me, you'll know I'm a fan of documentaries, good documentaries.  And I found one here,  LEMON, not only an incredible documentary, but about a poet, and who is not just any poet, but a three-time felony, who became a Tony award-winner, but that is just the start of things...

What I loved about this movie was the dedication of Lemon Andersen, in the belief that poetry (of all things) was his way out.

What he said?
        "Poetry was the only place I knew where they didn't discriminate..."

If you have ever felt sorry for yourself as a poet or writer, if you've ever thought your life was hard, you should watch this movie.

       "Stay focused, you'll be fine."

I thought LEMON was beautiful--both in the poet's words and in the journey--we are given the chance to glance in on an artist in the world. We are able to see his success, his pain, his joy, his failures, and his continued persistence in the belief that what he is doing is important, that lives can be changed by poetry.

        "It took one poem to change my life."

An incredibly inspiring story of a poet who believes he can live a better life.

Highly recommend!

Lemon Andersen

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~ Kells

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  1. Looks great! I will take a look at it soon and hopefully teach it in my Women and Film course next quarter. Thanks!


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