Bracelet Giveaway & {r}evolution apparel - 20 Looks in One: The Versalette! #clothing #women

The Versalette being worn as a shirt and a dress and a scarf

Over the last few years, my blog has moved from writing, poetry and writers, into art, artists, and creativity.  

Smart people doing smart things and the only thing better to me than smart people doing smart things, is smart women doing smart things.

I want this blog to be a place where I can share with you my favorite things, as well as people who are doing cool things in the world.

I learned about these women through Kickstarter, they were raising money to create this item, The Versalette, which is a skirt, a shirt, a dress, a scarf, a bag, a hood as well as a few more looks which you can see below:

I purchased mine early on and watched the process unfold as these two women figured out how to make this (and in the USA) and ship it out to their customers.  It was pretty wonderful learning about a company and a product early on and seeing it come to be.

I believe in paying more for a product and company I believe in.  These women are not like Donald Trump, whose ties are made in China, but created a fantastic product that is made here in the USA--all parts of it.  

What I love is how open and detailed these women are in letting you know where they get their items and who does what. 

Here are the details--

100% recycled fabric (50% recycled cotton, 50% recycled water bottles) made entirely in the USA, from recycling to knitting. 
Buttons manufactured in Brooklyn, New York using wood grown in Rutland, Vermont. 
Hand-dyed drawstrings made in the USA with GOTS-certified organic cotton (origin: Turkey), dyed by hand in Raleigh, North Carolina using fiberactive dyes.  
Labels made in the USA with GOTS-certified organic cotton (origin: Turkey), embroidered in Austin, Texas. 

Me in my Versalette at my writing residency

I wore my Versalette throughout my writing residency.  It was not only comfy, but on the one day I actually left our cabin to visit Habitat for Humanity and purchase this cool Frida painting I had my eye on, I actually looked cute and stylish-- something unusual for me on a writing retreat!

I will say my first attempt was wearing the Versalette was a hilarious.  I had the thing wrapped around my head, completely dorky, like the issues I had when I bought a sarong in Hawaii, I was that girl all over again.  I watched the video they made on how to wear it and things got easier.

Anyway, I love mine and have even used it as a pillow case... I kid you not. And I've washed it several time and it still looks good.

They sell for $80 each, so they are pricey, but if you get used to wearing it in the many ways you can, it's worth the money for all you get.

One thing to know, they aren't fitted, it's one-size-for-all (there are strings and ways to adjust it to your size), but if you like a more tailored look, this may not be your thing.  For me, who likes more loosely fitting clothes, it's perfect.

Now for the giveaway, because my order came later than they had hoped, they sent me a couple extras, these bracelets, that I'm going to pass on to you.  Just leave me your name and a way to get ahold of you in the comment section of this post, and I'll get back to you.

I'll do a drawing for these bracelets on November 17th.  So leave me a comment before then!

~ Kells

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  1. Beautiful, I'd love to win ! Thisquiethour at gmail dot com

  2. The Versalette is now on my Amazon wishlist! Maybe someone will get me one for the holidays. Or maybe I'll get some Xmas money and can treat myself!

    And I'd love to win a bracelet. whipplea [at] gmail [dot] com.

  3. The Versalette is a perfect metaphor for a prolific poet, Kelly! And those bracelets look very fun. I'm at brightii2 at yahoo

  4. This whole post delighted me. I'm at lrharrison at gmail dot com!

  5. reading your blog.
    bracelet giveaway


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