Where I Write: My Writing Shed --->

This is my writing studio, which was created from a barn shed from Lowe's for about $2000.  The electricity was $800.  It was worth every penny.

It was called the Poetry Barn, but inspired by Susan Rich's House of Sky writing studio, we named it "House of Sea" as that is what I look out too...well, partially.  (It would have to be called House of Hydrangea if I named it what I see most of...)

I'm out here writing in it right now.  Or should I say, Write Now.

That's for all of you who have been like me and lollygagging this summer.  Let's unlollygag together...


  1. You should post a tutorial of how you DIYed your own writing shed! I'd love some pointers on how you made your choices and how you got the electricity in (DIY or paid a professional?). Thanks!

  2. This looks great - I am still working on carving out a space of my own...

  3. Cute post, I also see hydrangeas out my office window too, but most of the summer till I snip the buds off they are a dull gray, because I am lollygagging too...

  4. Nice. I sometimes move around the house and have found that I don't get my writing started very well when I am actually on my computer. There is too much to distract me - like your blog - LOL! I have to go away, find a chair and a notebook and get started that way. But I can understand that being away from the noise of the house is probably good.

  5. Love your writing shed and like your blog. I write by a window with a fabulous view and I kid myself I dream and think constructively!However a lot of writing does get completed so it can't be all dreaming!!!

  6. I love your writing shed.
    My desk is at the window where I sit and think and dream!! Writing gets done so it must be a good place.
    I like your blog.

  7. Nice writing shed, Kelli. My writing studio is sometimes a tent-style gazebo, sometimes the dining area of my rv, both in the middle of a secluded, dense, pine thicket. Either way, I'm surrounded by trees and birds.

    In the gazebo, a gecko pair joins me on the screen walls or at the table. In the rv, my two cats circulate on and around the laptop, interacting with birds outside the window, while my dog gnaws her chewy on the bench beside me.

    My work schedule depends on the weather, due to comfort and farming. At the moment, Tropical Storm Lee is blustering through.

  8. Hi! You have a lovely writing table!

  9. how glorious. makes me want to get that bungalow I saw and convert its shed too.


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