Fall is in the Air...

I know for some of you, you're not ready for summer to end and even though we didn't get much of a summer in the Pacific Northwest, I am ready for summer to tuck itself in and go to bed.

Fall is really the time I do my best (and most) writing.

I am the student behind the desk.  I schedule time, my daughter's back at school and I thrive on routine.  Today I'm getting my hair cut (short) so I have to spend less time drying it (and well, styling it too).  I'll be cleaning out my writing shed (aka House of Sea) and maybe even picking up some non-pariels for a treat.


One place I will have to stay away from this fall and writing season is this place: Pinterest.

If you're someone who loves visual images and images of beautiful things of whatever subject you're interested in, do not go there.

Basically, on Pinterest, you follow people or "boards" which are like virtually bulletin boards on different subjects (and you choose what you want).  When people put new images on their board, you see them on your home page, then you can "Repin" them to your board.

It's a huge experiment in time wasting and it's lovely.

I have a board on Do-It-Yourself ideas for gifts as I plan on making my own Christmas gifts again this year, so it's been helpful to keep track.

So this is me this Monday morning.  Early Monday morning.  Insomnia sings my name again recently, so I echo back here.