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First, I've learned there are two Steven Schroeders that are poets and the poem on Poetry Daily today is not by the blogger poet I know. I think that's pretty interesting and something I've never considered for myself since there are only about 5 Agodons in America (and I'm related to most of them by marriage). I did one map of my last name in the US and it came up with the address of our first house. I guess I'm easy to find. - I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, though I lean towards bad.


I recently have learned that a number of my poet friends are letting their Poets & Writer subscription lapse because they find it painful to see what other awards other poet/writers are receiving. I was really surprised to hear this.

Do other people feel this way when they receive their Poets & Writers magazine?

I have heard that it's the first place some writers go to when receiving their magazine. I've had professors tell me it's the first place they go. I tend only to look at thoroughly when I'm submitting, otherwise I just browse the black and white photos.

But to feel bad to see others winning prizes. I understand this to a point, but again, it surprised that subscriptions would be cancelled because of this. But if it's helping you write by not knowing what others have won, then go for it. I guess knowing who won the last book prize doesn't affect my writing or much of anything actually.


I believe in living a simple life that is full of what you are passionate about. I just thought I'd say that.


I received a very nice rejection from Agni today. One of the better rejections (and magazines) out there. Their deadline to submit poems is the 30th if you're interested.



  1. Kelli- Ironically I believe the next issue is the one in which P & W lists their annual debue or breakout poets. (I forget exactly how they bill it, but it's one of my favorite) Twice now I've seen writers I know and this has been actually very exciting. It's hard for me to imagine people getting all down on yourself over someone else's success, but I suppose it happens.

  2. Drat! I was hoping to be in the breakout poets issue. A girl can dream, can't she?

    I hardly ever look though the back sections. I do like seeing writers I know win awards, but to end my subscription because other people are having success? That’s disappointing. Shouldn’t we be celebrating those who are having a run of good luck?

    I read P&W from beginning to end. Everyone sees those ads for submissions in the back, so I never submit to what is advertised. I figure my odds go down if something is advertised in P&W.

  3. Hi there! I agree with you, Kelli;I can't imagine begrudging someone else's success. This is a huge universe--and there's room for everyone....
    and btw, I'm sure more of your poetry will be accepted soon--you're a terrific writer/poet!
    Peace, woman.

  4. Really. That's kind of weird -- I've only borrowed a couple issues of P&W from a friend, but I really liked them and liked reading about others' success. It was inspirational to me. It made me want to go out there and be successful.

    I don't think someone else's success has ever made me jealous or I've canceled them out of my life because they were, so to speak, "better" than me.

    And I'm sorry about the Agni submission. Good luck on future submissions.

  5. Thanks everyone. It's interesting as the writers who have not been continuing to subscribe have been quite successful poets in their own right who have already won great prizes...I'm not sure what causes it, maybe a little insecurity...but it's definitely causing them issue with what they are writing...or not writing.


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