Best Headline of the Day

Woman loses tooth, gets stuck in Mets toilet

A hapless Mets fan tried to make a diving catch when her gold tooth fell into a Citi Field toilet -- and got her arm stuck in the commode.


Nobody say you have nothing to write about.



  1. How is that even possible?

  2. I know! But in the article they say "it happens all the time." ;-)

  3. Years ago I saw a T.V. network news story about a passenger on a train in France who got his arm stuck in the toilet on the train. I can't remember what the reason was that he was toilet-diving.

    He wasn't able to dislodge his arm, even with help, so the train made an emergency stop so maintenance people to come and take apart the toilet to get the man free of it.

    The kicker of the story, for me, was that the comedian Jerry Lewis was on the train. He wasn't the one who got his hand stuck in the train toilet, but I remember thinking at the time, that's just like someone Jerry Lewis would do in one of his movies. And now he's on a train where it really happens.

    Word verification is "feast".

  4. Funny word verification. It definitely sounds from a JL movie!

  5. ...Your news story sounds as if it could have been from a JL story, not your word verification...


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