What do you see when you read this license plate?

So, what does this license plate say?


It seems someone at the DMV has his/her mind in the gutter as this license plate was recently rejected by the important people in the Colorado Licensing Dept.

Vegan or sex addict? I guess that is the question. (Oh, and the answer is vegan, it's a vegan mom who wanted that on her license plate.) I've linked the MSNBC article for you there...

Someone from Colorado said that they don't allow "FU" because it refers to sex, which would knock out a lot of license plates it seems. I mean, no one would even be able to use the word FUN, and FUNRIDE would definitely be out--FU N RIDE.

I think we're all just a little paranoid/politically correct sometimes. I actually like the double meaning in there. Of course, when I was sixteen, I thought it would be quite clever to have "IMBLIND" on my license plate and two well-meaning mothers explained to me why that was highly inappropriate.

Anyway, what did you first see when you saw that license plate. I LV TOFU or I LV TO FU. This could be your first psychological test of the day.


  1. My husband wanted Fun4U as his DC plate years ago when we lived there and it was rejected. Go figure.


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