Thursday night Thoughts...


First, if you are doing this-- congrats, you're over halfway through.
If you are doing this and posting it to your blog-- congrats plus an extra nod because I know it can be sometimes quite hard to do.

I'm not joking. I'm not crazy about anyone seeing my first drafts. I don't even share them with my husband until they are finished, so for me, posting them here is like hanging my skivvies across my front yard with a note saying, "I'll be hanging a new pair each day so please come by and see..." And my skivvies are much nicer than anything I am writing this month, but I made a promise, so I show up.

But some wonder-- why?! that "why should we read your bad poetry?" why participate?

A few reasons--

1) Even if you're not posting your poems to your blog, each day you are creating something from nothing. That's reason to celebrate. Some bad habit or optional chore is being pushed from your life because you are taking the time to write a poem. For me, that's an everyone wins category. You win. You have a poem. Your loved ones win because you're writing and you're not as cranky. (And when I say "you," I mean "me."--okay, maybe I mean a few of you too...)

2) At the end of April, you will have 30 more poems to work on than you did in March. I think that's kind of amazing. Even if they aren't super-incredible, you have *something* to work with and revise.

3) I've found that by posting these poems to my blog, I write better. If I'm just writing for myself, believe me, there would be a few days of two lines poems or of nothing. By knowing that these poems are going to be read, I work a little harder at them. And I "finish" them (also in quotes because so far, nothing I've posted has been "finished" - more quotes...)

4) It's fun. It is. It's a pain, but it's fun. Kind of like going to the gym or walking the dog on a cold day. And some days, it's like walking the dog on a blue sunny day, it's that easy.

So that's why I participated. I promised. And I'm glad I did.

A Challenge-- if you haven't participated in NaPoWriMo, there are 2 weeks left. Give it a try.

* * *

I've been a little cranky lately, though when I went to typed "cranky" I typed "crazy" and maybe that's closer to the truth. And I'm tired tonight, so let me put all of what I was going to say in summary below. You may not get the most out of it this way, but it will save you some reading time--

* * *

If I were to open my mind, it would look something like this:
!*#)@(# YHJKd; 9
q9 919+ 389JDK@*
uw9eiudsj = huh

* *

Insert snarky comment here.

* * *

Take back snarky comment and mention something positive about doves or the news.

* * *

Talk about poetry again and how cluttered my mind feels.

Add in note about how that woman on England's Got Talent made my day and she has a cat named "Pebbles." More about how we shouldn't judge people on their looks (long rant), (soapbox on the problem with shallowness), talk about my cats, mention I wasn't a cute child, mention the woman again and say something about how annoyed I'm going to be if I see her parodied on SNL. Link to the video. Blah, blah, blah, superstar. Blah, blah, blah, never been kissed. Ask who are those two excited guys in the video. Something about passion and living your dream. Etc. Etc.

End with a note that I'm going to be posting today's poem soon.

I'm going to be posting today's poem soon.

** *
Closing and done.