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I met with a friend and wrote for 90 minutes this morning. 90 minutes and when we were done I had 5 new starts to poems. Of those 5, one feels as if it will move forward and eventually end up in my "completed poems" file. It felt more like a gift that when the time was up, I wondered where it came from.

The other 4?

One has potential and a strong ending, in fact, a narrative.
One has an idea that just doesn't quite make it, but might.
One is a shorter poem that will either work or fail miserably.
One has strong lines but needs some transitions.

The poem that worked out best was the first poem I wrote of the day.

One thing I did differently with this friend is that I typed directly into my laptop instead of write freehand in a notebook. This was different for me (normally I write in a notebook), but I think I might prefer it.

A group of us will be meeting once maybe twice a month to write together. There is a nice energy when writing with others that can sometimes carry you.

* * *

If you want to do a couple of the exercises we did, here they are--

1) Write a poem that uses this as your epigraph

Take bread away from me, if you wish
Pablo Neruda from “Your Laughter”

2) Start a poem with this line: I have divided from the mind

(the line is from a Dorianne Laux poem either from Smoke or Facts about the Moon)

3) Begin a poem with the line: Next morning, breakfast

(this was just a random line from my friend's journal)

Have fun!



  1. Sounds like a very productive writing session. Yay for you!

    It's amazing how changing your writing routine even the slightest can influence what you write.

    Very cool.

  2. Good for you! And thanks for sharing some of your prompts! When I read that you had the starts for 5 new poems, I immediately wondered what your prompts were!


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