Confession Tuesday - Late Night Edition

I have been busy with surgeries and life these last two weeks. Both surgeries went well and my family is moving forward into their bionic phase, while I play the part of the helpful assistant.

Still, in the middle of recovery and pre-op, I found time to go on a short writing retreat with friends (aka alums) from my MFA program. Though writing retreat would assume there was more writing than social time, but I would have to say, I talked more than I wrote.

I found the best time for me was in the morning, when everyone still slept in their comfy beds, I would take my laptop downstairs of the B&B, wrap a blanket around me and write. Or revise. Or work on my manuscript.

I realize I do my best work when others are sleeping. I'm sensitive to people's energies, to their movements.

I confess I always feel so much better when I get time away to myself. In our culture we are always taught we should always be there, be available, we are wired with cellphones and email, be there for our jobs, families, spouses, children, pets, homes, etc. etc. But some of us need to get away to recharge, we draw energy from alone time, from other writers, from a different routine. It's not being selfish or spoiled, it's a way to keep us calm, to keep us happy, to keep our anxiety quieted, it's a way to keep us.

Because I'll be taking care of my mum this month, I may be away from the online world.

For those of you going to AWP, have fun, take notes, and blog lots of stories for those of us who will be here and at home.


  1. Wishing your family members speedy recovery. My mom's surgery has been postponed a few weeks so the waiting continues.

    Hope you can continue to eke out time for yourself.


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