Confession Tuesday

I confess, Tuesdays come faster each week.

To the confessional--

I just received an acceptance by Superstition Review (an online journal from AZ St. University) and a rejection from the Bellevue Literary Review.

I have been very disorganized in 2009 and feel as if I can't catch up.

My friend, Jennifer Culkin, is having her first book (a memoir/book of essays) published in April by Beacon Press. We worked on her webpage yesterday. You can see it at

I think all poets and writers should have their own homepage, even if it is absolutely basic. Just something for their readers to connect with them online.

I believe in visualization as a way to reach goals.

I'm kind of amused at myself for that last confession as it sort of came out of no where, wasn't I just talking about homepages?

I plan on bringing 2 poems to my writing group tonight instead of one. One of the poems I'm bringing came from meeting with a friend on the Friday to write.

I think there should be something as big as the Oscars for writers.

I think if there was though and the camera scanned the audience as it does, they wouldn't be as shiny or as nicely dressed. I think there would be a lot of fleece.


  1. Ah, the submission gods givith, and the submission gods taketh away! Congrats on the acceptance to Superstition Review.

    Nice pic with you and Olie on his blog.

  2. Thanks! And I have a much nicer photo of O & I...I'll have upload it. We both look a little goofy in his. Of course, it was the end of the day!


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