What Came Home with Me on Saturday

I am the unplanned pregnancy in the pet owners world. This makes twice in a year I have ended up with a new cat while not looking for a new cat.

We went into the pet store to see the guinea pigs, to pet the guinea pigs, not adopt a kitten. But there was a rescue service there with 3 young kittens that needed homes. There was a sign on the door that said, "Careful entering, kittens are loose."

I asked, "Are there really kittens running loose?"

She said she'd find one to show us. I told her no need. I told her we were just here to pet the guinea pigs. But she said they were cute.

"Let me find one," she said.

I should have gone running from the store.


My daughter was with me. She is not anyone who'd persuade me not to take a kitten. She kept coming up with more reasons-- we don't have any girl cats and we need a girl cat. She looks like our old cat Emily. I've never had a kitten before. She's so sweet. She's so little.

I should have gone running from the store. But as usual, I didn't. Instead I wrote the check to the rescue service, left with a bag of food, a new toy, a scratching post no one likes, and a kitten.

She's 14 weeks old. Her full name is Lucy Belle Lightning. Lucy after Lucille Clifton. Belle because that's what my daughter wanted to name her. And Lightning because there's a white bolt in her fur on her shoulder. We call her "Belle," though I call her "Tiny."


Early confession- Kittens are just too fun.

Request - if you ever see me near rescue animals, please send me in the other direction.



  1. Ah, yes. I am not allowed anywhere near pet stores, animal shelters, etc...for this same reason!

    What a cute kitty!

  2. Congrats on the new edition. She's cute! Love that you named her after Miss Lucille.

  3. Emily would be so pleased to have girl kitty energy back in the house again. Give Belle a high-five, kitty dance for me.


  4. You have nothing over my middle daughter who came home from dog training acadamy with 5 dogs. We already had three of our own.

    Fortunately the process of adopting them out is going well. This is a good thing because her mother and I cannot affort a full time thearpist in our home.

  5. You might not know this about me, but I have ((six)) cats. Your experience at the pet store is like my own personal Ground Hog Day! Over and over. In fact, my family was at the pet store "looking at guinea pigs" on Saturday. Luckily (or not) there were no kittens. Your new one is adorable!


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