Recent Google Searches to my Blog--

"kidnapped by Tess Gallagher" -- geez, I hope that's the name of a poem and this isn't a news item I missed.

"stinker the poodle"
- people looking for the Dan Savage essay he read at the Paramount on This American Life, which was hilarious and ultimately "Stinker" wandered on stage. No, I don't have the full text.

"metaphoric stillbirth" -- no idea.

"what will people think of me?" of course, this was Google UK

"roar bongs" -- nice. have I even used the term "bong" on this site or "roar?"

"couplet firefighters"
- again, I hope they are looking for a poem.

"poets like Linda Bierds" - Ah, two meanings here-- Poets like LB (poetry fans) or poets who are actually like LB (wannabes maybe?)


  1. Kidnapped is my favorite Gallagher poem.

  2. Do you know what collection it's from? I'd like to read it.

  3. It's from Instructions to the Double, but it is also in Amplitude: New and Selected Poems (this is the book I have).

    --Tess Gallagher

    He motions me over with a question.
    He is lost. I believe him. It seems
    he calls my name. I move
    closer. He says it again, the name
    of someone he loves. I step back pretending

    not to hear. I suspect
    the street he wants
    does not exist, but I am glad to point
    away from myself. While he turns
    I slip off my wristwatch, already laying a trail
    for those who must find me
    tumbled like an abandoned car
    into the ravine. I lie

    without breath for days among ferns.
    Pine needles drift
    onto my face and breasts
    like tiny hands
    of watches. Cars pass.
    I imagine it’s him
    coming back. My death
    is not needed. The sun climbs again
    for everyone. He lifts me
    like a bride

    and the leaves fall from my shoulders
    in twenty-dollar bills.
    “You must have been cold” he says
    covering me with his handkerchief.
    “You must have given me up.”


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