Monday, May 18, 2009

Other Ways to Earn Money...

There are some good ideas in this CNN article on how to earn extra money in this economy.

As a poet/writer, some other ways I earn money is through consulting and working with other poets and writers. The internet has been great to connect with new writers and not be limited to just your area. I'm working with one fab poet and she came up with a way for me to be a sort of Poetry Coach for her and it's something I am thinking about offering to others who want to work more in a low-res MFA way, but not spend all the $$ on getting an MFA.

A few years ago when we were really stretched for money, I would walk around the house with box and choose things to sell on eBay. I sold most of my headvase collection (I only saved a couple) to pay bills and actually, I cried a bit after that (I know, this sounds a little pathetic). So be careful what you sell, but remember it's an easy way to get some cash. Though there's an aunt whose been asking about that cameo she gave me...oops.

But I do think in tough times, it's important to have money coming in from more than one place. And as a full-time writer, I've had to do this for a long time. Some years have been harder than others. Especially when a lot of things come up at once (this spring has been Song of the Broken Cars...) I try to remember when things feel tough that we're all in this together and how little we do need to survive. I felt that way at the Carolyn Forche workshop, staying in that small room with nothing but a bed and desk. We can fill ourselves in other ways besides things--the library is free and so are all those words on the page. I also like to walk through art galleries to fill myself up.

But we do need money in this world and maybe the article will give you some ideas on other ways (some smaller, some bigger) to make it through these empty pocket months.



  1. yes, the library is very free and very crowded these days, but don't forget to return your books. and don't let your kids run off with a CD in their backpacks--they cost a lot to replace.

    which reminds me, i need to claim the SAM memberships i won at my daughter's preschool auction.

    i love that headvase, kelli. i am hoping you still own that one.

    and i also hope the wasps don't have any designs on your shed.

  2. I am tutoring kids on probation and I am also going to be tutoring summer school. I am going to be taking the per diem rate for traveling to a conference (which my wife are treating like a mini-vacation, seeing I get my own private room for free) so we will get twice the amount for gas it will cost us to get to and back from Las Vegas.

    Creative vacationing: Priceless.

    wv: ilitild

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