Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you have kids or just like Obama & pretty pictures...

I just received a beautiful book called Obama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition (New York Times Book) and it's absolutely incredible in its photographs and documentation about Barack Obama and the election.

It has Obama's life growing up (including baby & school photos) and how he arrived at this place to become our president. It also includes a section on Michelle & their daughters, and sections on the election.

There aren't many times in life I want to have a book to remember something.

Growing up, my father (who was a Republican) had a beautiful book of John F. Kennedy with large photographs (I think it may have been put out by Time magazine). I remember sitting in his office with him and flipping through the pages. Kennedy was about seven or eight years before my birth, but my daughter was very much aware of this election and I wanted to have something for her to look back on. And something for me as well.

I think this would make a lovely graduation gift as well with a $50 bill tucked inside (and the NY Times also produced one that isn't for young readers as well.)

But I have a young reader and we both thought the photos inside this book were amazing and captured an important time in our history and lifetime. Plus, she can read it herself. Anyway, if you have kids and were an Obama supporter, just thought you may want to know this existed. I had no idea until a few weeks ago and it's just something I love having in my home.


By the way, I have it linked to Amazon because it is a hardcover book and Amazon has a pretty good price on it...and well, it's my first step in forgiving them. But you can also purchase through your local independent here. (It's not letting me link it to the book- I used my fav indie Eagle Harbor Books, but just search the ISBN number: 0670012084) and it's a little more $24.95 and the non-young readers version is $40.

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