Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confession Tuesday

What a weekend! There's a rumor going on that we, the rainy, foggy NW had better weather than Southern California this weekend. Amazing. And what an amazing 3-day weekend (actually 4 day for our kids as they had a teacher's work day on Friday). Sun sun sun. BBQ. Beach beach beach.

I neglected ever chore I thought I'd do, though I did accidentally hang up on Jeannine while trying to prune lilac bushes and talk to her at the same time. I ended up in the lounge chair with the phone and then a book...

This week's confessions--

Even with the "economic crisis" (the most overused word of the year), I still feel very rich on a sunny day sitting outside reading a book.

Also, this weekend is a reminder to me that the cheapest, most simple things--packing a lunch and going to the beach, game night with friends, tuna salad--can be the most satisfying.

I like to lie, sleep, sit in the sun, even knowing how bad it is for me, when the first sunshine day of the season arrives, I break every rule about sun protection and become the 1980's version of myself minus the baby oil. I think I got my Vitamin D for the whole year this weekend. By summer though, I'll be done with this and return to my good sunscreen living. By August I'll be looking forward to fall.

I think I've forgiven Amazon.com

I was just introduced to Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-- why has this secret been kept from me for so long?

I've been trying to write poetry, but the sun has been distracting me.

I am still working on my artist statement and am thinking perhaps to word it in a limerick style. Please know I'm kidding.

I think people are too tough on the Dickman twins. They are good poets, the twin thing is just something that makes them more interesting. I would have purchased Matthew's book twin or no twin, publicity or no publicity. I haven't read much of Michael's work, so I can't comment too much on that, but I am a friend of Copper Canyon Press and tend to find much to like in a majority of their poets.

I confess I'm still looking for a fantastic new poet to fall in love with also some good summer reading. And I'm open for suggestions. P.S. I like memoirs and non-fiction a lot, but would also love a fantastic novel to read too.

I confess I've been slow to get going this last week, especially with things I should be doing. And I don't like that word "should," but it's true, we all have chores and tasks we know *should* get done, but we (I) choose not to do them. (BTW, I promise not to fail on the artist statement.) I wonder what a shouldless life would feel like?

I confess, I am thankful to have this blog and a few readers to confess to. Sometimes it's just nice to know there are others out there. Thanks for listening.



  1. I am thankful for your confessions, too.

    Seems like we're all trying to take advantage of the simple pleasures in life. Yea for beach time!

    I have Matthew Dickman's book and I like it. Too bad the twins are getting such bad press. I think poet-on-poet "crime" is on the rise, meaning we're too hard on our own sometimes.

  2. Fabulous new poet to fall in love with: Heather Derr-Smith. Elton Glaser picked up her book The Bride Minaret before I came on, and it changed the way I write. Simply amazing in its scope, what it says about women, motherhood, and displacement, etc. I can see you liking it. :)

  3. Kelli-

    I know I've told you this before, but I always feel my week is enriched by reading the confession posts. I'm almost always finding something worthwhile in your most all of your posts, but there is often something within your confession that makes me smile.

    I've thought of doing them too, but it seems kind of tacky to copy something that several of you have made into an a regular institution. So I just go on waiting for each week's next revelations and hope for a smile or two. Besides, mine could not possibly be as interesting.

  4. January-- I like that term "poet on poet crime" !

    Thanks Mary! And I'll take you up on your extra set of eyes on my artist statement-- thank you dearly for the offer.

    Michael-- thank you for your note. In the most simpliest terms- it makes me happy.


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