Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Last week was a hard week of emotion or a heart weak of emotion, but this weekend and this week has been better, I am here and ready...

Let's step into the confessional, listen up, I'll start heavy and move into the light...

1) I like people who can keep secrets and are honest about their lives (even the bad stuff) best.

2) One of the hardest part of being a parent is having to remember how mean kids can be.

3) I'm still working on my life's balance.

4) My new favorite website is www.paperbackswap.com - where you can trade books with others. Love it!

5) Yesterday I wrote a poem called "Prayer."

6) Sometimes I think my dream life is more interesting than my regular life. Actually, I think that all the time, though I'm not asking for an interesting life, I think I just need to travel more.

7) I was happy Brad Paisley was featured on A Prairie Home Companion a couple weeks ago because I love his song "I'm Still a Guy." (My eyebrows aren't plucked, there's a gun in my truck...")

8) I like listening to country music when I'm at a farm or in the fall, though it's hard to get me to admit this.

9) I only listen to jazz in the evenings.

10) I've been thinking an awful lot about waffles.

11) We're out of strawberries too.


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  1. Wow-- big hug to you? I've got a few strawberries. . .


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