Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Confession Tuesday - Late Night Edition

Confession-- it is late and I've been away.

Confession-- I had a fantastic workshop with Carolyn Forche on the Literature of Witness. Really wonderful and I met the best group of writers there.

Confession--I did a guided meditation at my creativity class and my animal totem was-- the snake. Believe me, this was a total surprise.

Confession--I may confess more on Wednesday because I'm cutting it short tonight...


  1. I confess, I'm curious as to how one arrives at what one's animal totem is.

  2. Your animal totem is a snake? That IS a bit surprising, but if you take away all the neg connotations (culturally imposed), snakes are amazing creatures: sharp, sleek, protective of their young . . . and amazingly streamlined. I wonder what my animal totem is: today I think it would be the slug.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Forche workshop. But it was amazing. Cool.

  4. Hi Michael, it was a guided meditation. You walk through a field, into a cave, down a trail, to a small room and inside is your totem animal. I was hoping for a cute bunny.

    Marty--I know. Believe me, I was surprised. Though the snake represents a shedding of skin, which is a place I'm at in my life. Shedding of bad habits. it also offers increased creativity. Another place I've been trying to be.

    I think everyone in the NW has a the slug as their totem animal. The slug and moss. ;-)

    January-- it was amazing! I hope to write a little about it here.


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