Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Since I've a full day today, I thought I'd get ahead on Confession Tuesday. Honestly, what could I be confessing? Sometimes I think I confuse confessing with complaining, but let's move forward today and see if there are any real confessions in the batch.

To the confessional--

1) I confess I think Poem in your Pocket is just a bad idea. I cannot think of a faster way to make someone dislike poetry than by walking up to a stranger and reading them a poem. I think this ultimately borders on harassment.

2) I confess I chew too much gum (2 pieces at once) and love to chew gum--I am Violet Beauregarde before she turned violet.

I was surprised there was a study this week that said gum helped kids get better scores on tests as usually everything I like is later declared bad for me.

3) I confess I hate to go to the post office on Monday because the mean postal worker works there (aka Witchypoo). Once she got upset with me because she gave me a pen to use and I wasn't pressing hard enough with it to make the feathers and googly eyes light up when I wrote with it. Let the record show, I am not fond of being forced to use whimsical pens.

4) I confess I really like it when people look like Ira Glass.

5) I confess I wrote half of these confessions yesterday, can you guess which half?

6) I confess I had no idea how popular metronomes were on eBay. I needed to buy one for my violin lessons, but like to be vintage instead of new so I went onto eBay only to find that every wooden metronome ended up in a bidding contest. I was amazed how much interest they received (esp. the wooden Seth Thomas and German Wittner metronomes.)

7) I did finally win the one I wanted to win (in all, I watched metronomes for about 3 weeks). And when I say win, I mean "win" as I did have to pay for it.

8) I had to write a mission statement for my art/creativity class. My first one was so long I couldn't remember it (it went on talking about supporting family,friends, and others in following their passions and living their best life (which is so stolen from Oprah)), so I cut it to this-- *To live authentically with faith* as really, if I'm doing that myself, then all the rest should fall into place.

9) I need to write a gratitude journal entry later. I confess that lately I haven't been appreciating all that I have, but instead seeing white space on the paper and not the words.

10) I confess I ate the entire giant hollow chocolate Easter bunny, ears first.



  1. Your complaints are my confessions! I like peeking into the lives of others--that's my confession.

    Yeah, I don't know anyone actually doing the Poem in Your Pocket thing. Does sound a little creepy.

    Mmmm, chocolate bunnies!

  2. #1 - made me laugh out loud!

    #10 - always my strategy for eating bunnies

  3. #1 Even trying to talk to someone not interested in poetry or poems or writing in general is totally off the wall, unless of course you are sked a direct question like: are you published? Which is always thye first question you'll be asked if you say you write...at this juncture, cite your publishing credits, or just lie a lot.

    Come visit our website and hang out ahiwle: www.screwiowa.com

    We have a poem posted by Jim Brock and a poem with commentary on our Masters slt, and this month it's poet: Michael Hettich.

    I love your site,way cool.


  4. Did you write #1-4 yesterday? ;)


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