Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Again, I confess I can't believe it's Tuesday already. It feels like summer in the NW, which means I'll be spending less and less time indoors. I'm already a little sunburnt, which sadly for me means I've spent 2 hours in the sun. Pale Irish skin with its red glow and freckles.

To the confessional--

I have a bad habit of coming up with worst-case scenarios for basically everything. I've had to work hard to control this over the years, but occasionally it pops back up. Kind friends are quick to point out it's because I'm creative and have a strong imagination but I think a lot of revolves around my "waiting for the other shoe to drop" and drop on my head.

I've been reading the news lately and feel there is a lot of hopelessness in people these days. Terrible murders of families, of people who just were in the wrong place, of police just trying to do their job. It makes me incredibly sad.

But even with all these stories, I do believe that most people are inherently good. And try to believe we're all just trying our best to get by and will.

I might stop reading the news for awhile and take the form of an ostrich, head in sand, head in sand.

Yesterday's poem was the hardest to write and probably the worst I've written so far (no worries, there will be more bad poems to come), but I told myself that at least I finished.

I hope none of you are feeling hopeless these days. I know when the sun is out, I feel less hopeless. Still, lately I haven’t feel lucky-go-happy, more lucky-stop-happy.

Because I am a optimist with pessimist tendencies, I don’t want to end on a low note, so let me tell you that you how glad I am to have you reading this. It’s odd to say, but somehow it makes us all less alone in this big world.



  1. All watched over by machines of loving grace.


  2. Kelli -- Yes, sharing our writing and thoughts makes the world a much warmer and happier place. Rus Bowden put on his blog a video of poets answering the question "What is poetry for?" I think it's for each other.

  3. How do I do it?

    We are cut from the same cloth. I have a poem about worst case scenarios that happen with my husband *sigh.*

    This hopeless feeling will pass. It will be replaced by something reaffirming. Promise.

    I'm playing catch up. Finding it difficult to write and read blogs. Hope to come by later this week to read your poems.

  4. There is something so good about these confessions: for you and for us, your readers. Thanks!


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