Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confession Tuesday - Late Night Edition

Dear Reader,

I confess, I have been busy. I confess I have some great notes for you, but that blue notebook...I shall find it.

How is your National Poetry Month? Are you over or underwhelmed?

Lately, I have been overwhelmed, but in a good inspired, busy but interested way. But enough, this is small talk, let's get to what Tuesdays are about...

To the confessional--

I confess as I type this I have a kitten asleep on my shoulders.

I confess I do my best to balance writing with motherhood, with family, with friends, with the household chores-- I will admit the laundry is winning.

I confess this morning when my husband asked me, "Do you know who W.S. Merwin was?" My first response was, "Oh no, did he die?" (No, he won the Pulitzer Prize!) (oops.)

I confess I haven't read his book, but have heard good things about it from friends.

I confess my art teacher is having us write a mission statement for our lives and this is ridiculously harder than it sounds.

I confess I am working on not worrying so much and shifting my bad mental habits. And this too is ridiculously harder than it seems. But I'm getting better.

I confess I have nightly dreams about houses.

I confess I am going to light more candles.


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