Monday, February 02, 2009

What Came Home with Me on Saturday

I am the unplanned pregnancy in the pet owners world. This makes twice in a year I have ended up with a new cat while not looking for a new cat.

We went into the pet store to see the guinea pigs, to pet the guinea pigs, not adopt a kitten. But there was a rescue service there with 3 young kittens that needed homes. There was a sign on the door that said, "Careful entering, kittens are loose."

I asked, "Are there really kittens running loose?"

She said she'd find one to show us. I told her no need. I told her we were just here to pet the guinea pigs. But she said they were cute.

"Let me find one," she said.

I should have gone running from the store.


My daughter was with me. She is not anyone who'd persuade me not to take a kitten. She kept coming up with more reasons-- we don't have any girl cats and we need a girl cat. She looks like our old cat Emily. I've never had a kitten before. She's so sweet. She's so little.

I should have gone running from the store. But as usual, I didn't. Instead I wrote the check to the rescue service, left with a bag of food, a new toy, a scratching post no one likes, and a kitten.

She's 14 weeks old. Her full name is Lucy Belle Lightning. Lucy after Lucille Clifton. Belle because that's what my daughter wanted to name her. And Lightning because there's a white bolt in her fur on her shoulder. We call her "Belle," though I call her "Tiny."


Early confession- Kittens are just too fun.

Request - if you ever see me near rescue animals, please send me in the other direction.

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