Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I confess, Tuesdays come faster each week.

To the confessional--

I just received an acceptance by Superstition Review (an online journal from AZ St. University) and a rejection from the Bellevue Literary Review.

I have been very disorganized in 2009 and feel as if I can't catch up.

My friend, Jennifer Culkin, is having her first book (a memoir/book of essays) published in April by Beacon Press. We worked on her webpage yesterday. You can see it at http://www.jenniferculkin.com/

I think all poets and writers should have their own homepage, even if it is absolutely basic. Just something for their readers to connect with them online.

I believe in visualization as a way to reach goals.

I'm kind of amused at myself for that last confession as it sort of came out of no where, wasn't I just talking about homepages?

I plan on bringing 2 poems to my writing group tonight instead of one. One of the poems I'm bringing came from meeting with a friend on the Friday to write.

I think there should be something as big as the Oscars for writers.

I think if there was though and the camera scanned the audience as it does, they wouldn't be as shiny or as nicely dressed. I think there would be a lot of fleece.
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